Know our story, what we believe, what we do, and our culture.

Our Story

At FoodEagle we believe food brings people together, that the best moments happen over a delicious meal, and the conversations in between.

Like you, we revel in the simple joys of discovering a new cafe or restaurant, on how it speaks to you in so many levels, how their dish made you more than a little nostalgic...

We've all been there too, and it's moments like these we live for. FoodEagle helps you create these cherished moments; it signifies our shared passion for good food and great company.

Continue creating wonderful memories through us—have an epic food adventure, share a bottle of wine with friends, bond with your family over pizza, find solitude in a cup of coffee.

We got your back, always.

What We Believe

We spend most of our time fumbling through technology, and its promises to bring connectivity that we forgot how to connect with people in real life. We believe real connection and real happiness starts with one good meal and one great talk at a time.

What We Do

The rise of restaurant reviews and food blogs has changed the way we dine. We want to change that culture.

Food should speak for itself rather than rates or stars, on how every dining experience is personal, and the opinion of the other does not necessarily speak to that of yours.

FoodEagle offers a unique, neutral, and fun way to choose your next meal. Search through our delicious, mouthwatering food photos and find out where your next food adventure would be.

Our Culture

We are a bunch of individuals who's been in a relationship with food in one way or another—the kind of people who love and live to eat.

As a team, we strive to maintain a fun and open environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions, to keep pushing boundaries, and do more than expected.

Talk to us

Got questions? Downloaded the app and have feedbacks? We like to hear from you! Every question, every feedback—good or bad—is important to us. Besides, we'd like to think you too are a part of our team. Check out our Contact Us page and shoot as an e- mail.