10 Ground Beef Recipes You Should Try. Now.

If melted cheese, ground beef, and tomatoes sauce excites you, better start heating that stove or oven…

I think it’s pretty impossible not to crave for one of these delectable recipes when you’ve finished skimming this article. Because, if it’s that good to look at, how much more eat it?

Cheesy Taco Skillet

This one’s a sure winner, you won’t even need a tortilla. Get recipe here.

Tamele Pie

Forget them sweet pies. This savory treat of a pie is enough to blow your mind. Recipe here.

Smothered Burritos

…and by smothered, it meant by cheese. Sorry, Chipotle. We got a new favorite. Get recipe here.

Meatball Sub Homemade “Hot Pockets”

If you’re craving for some hot pockets, why not make your own instead? I bet this one’s even more delicious. Recipe here.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

If there’s one thing I learned about food, anything stuffed, wrapped, or smothered will always be scrumptious to the core. This recipe ain’t different.

Swedish Meatballs

Ground beef balls smothered in creamy, heavenly, gravy sauce. Serve it with egg noodles, rice, or if you really want to just eat it as is, it won’t even make a difference. It’s still going to be heavenly. Get recipe here.

Italian Ground Beef Casserole (with biscuit topping)

A beefy, chewy, cheesy dish layered with biscuits for perfection. God bless them Italians. Recipe here.

Cheeseburger Soup

Yes, such magnificent madness exists. Get recipe here.

Beef Taco Roll Ups

This super delicious recipe takes only 35mins to prepare. Recipe here.

Beefy Cheesy Tortellini Bake

That spoonful of pasta tell us how Amazeballs this truly is. Get recipe here.



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