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11 Hilarious Unicorn Food Fails That’ll Make Starbucks’ Unicorn Frap Seem Better

The public has spoken: Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino is a total fail. And while some of us who dared to take a sip are still recovering, here are 11 hilarious unicorn food fails that may actually make Starbucks’ seem better. Or perhaps this could be a message to us hoomans from the unicorn gods to just  stop it. Like really, stop it. Unicorns are magical and let’s leave it that way. Scan through photos below and try not to laugh.

This looks like Kermit Frog had a baby with a unicorn.

F for effort.

Not sure what is happening here, but I’d still eat it.

Nutella stuffed rainbow pancakes, they taste better than they look #unicornfail #pancakeday

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That one time Baymax tried to be a unicorn.

Unicorn fail by @soupermaario #unicorn #unicornfail

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Expectations vs. Reality

I, uhm, what the hell is this?


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Dragon, unicorn— same.

My Unicorn Cupcake Fail Lol #epicfail #unicornfail #iloveunicorns #cupcakefail #cupcakes

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No words.

This corn cob didn’t ask for this.

People needs to chill …. With #unicornfood #unicorn #eloteunicornio paren porfavaaaar!

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Looks like this unicorn ran face-first into a sliding door.

Messed up unicorn cake at the local asda made me and fella giggle :) #messedupcake #cakefail #unifail #100daysofhappiness #day8 #funny #silly

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Blame Pinterest. Ugh!

Which one’s your favorite?

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