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Posting Pics Of Your Beer Can Get You In Trouble In Thailand

It’s fun posting Beer-fies on Instagram and Snapchat while on vacation, but you may want to skip these when travelling in Thailand.


I know, I know. Thailand has one of the most craziest party scene, ironically though the country has strict laws that try to regulate the promotion of alcohol, including one that requires clubs and bars shut down at midnight, and a “sin tax” that applies to cigarettes and booze. And, ICYMI it is actually illegal to advertise booze in Thailand. Hence, if you take a photo with your beer and post it on IG, this could get you into trouble.


Alcohol companies have been getting around this law since 2008, tapping influencers to promote their product on social media, but recently authorities announced that they will begin patrolling social media for any images or videos that promote drinking.


You can get fined up to $1, 500 for posting a photo of your drink on IG, as it could be interpreted as an endorsement of alcohol, which encourages others to drink when they see it. Earlier this month, a number of Thai celebrities were arrested for such offense as well as several girls who work at a bar after making an FB live video inviting people to drop by for a beer promotion.

Yikes! Unless you want to be featured on the next episode of Locked Up Abroad better stick to posting Pad Thai instead. lol 

But don’t let this discourage you from visiting Thailand, believe me, this country has a lot to offer!

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