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An Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt Was Invented…Accidentally

They say some of the best things that happen in life are those that are unplanned. Case in point, an ice cream that does not melt was accidentally discovered inside a lab in ∼wait for it∼ Japan!

According to Foodbeast, scientists at the Biotherapy Development Research Center Co. in Kanazawa were experimenting with strawberries in efforts to help farmers affected by the Great East Japan Tsunami and Earthquake of 2011 sell their product. The berries weren’t visually appealing enough to go to market, but a local pastry chef wanted to try to use polyphenols, chemicals naturally present in the fruit, to make a dessert. A test discovered that the polyphenols solidified cream almost instantly, leading to experimentation of adding the strawberry extract into frozen desserts to create the unmelting ice cream.

Much to our delight.

The popsicles are named Kanazawa Ice, and can stand up to an air dryer for at least 5 minutes without totally melting. The exceptional treat are sold for about 500 yen ($4.50 US) each, and can be found in Osaka, Tokyo, and other outlets.

Furthermore, watch this video from Rocketnews24 testing how legit the claims by this ice cream is by leaving it out for three hours.

Dreams do come true.


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