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Here’s Some Black Soft-Serve Ice Cream To Lift Your Dull Mood

If you simply had it with colorful, rainbow-themed everything then maybe this black soft-serve ice cream can lift your mood. According to the testimonies, this almond-charcoal flavored soft-serve ice cream not only look awesome, it’s also absolutely delish!

Indeed, no ice cream look as bad ass as this one. Served by the Little Damage Ice Cream Shop in Los Angeles, California, this ‘villainous’ take on good ‘ole soft-serve has since exploded in social media.

You can have it as is, or play with it a bit with some toppings, like this shredded coconut for example.

Or Oreo maybe?

Emo, gothic, metal ice cream, call it whatever you like, this is definitely worth to try.

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