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Breaking News: A Baguette Vending Machine Exists

Carbo lovers, rejoice! A baguette vending machine exists. I repeat, a baguette vending machine exists.

The latest convenience of carbs comes from a micro bakery called Le Bread Xpress, which has opened several locations in San Francisco that distribute piping-hot, fresh French bread to hungry passers-by. How does it work? Sources tell me it’s more of like this:

LOL. jk.

No seriously, the bread is half-baked off site in Burlingame, California, and then the oven inside the vending machine finishes the job, ensuring that all customers receive a fresh piece of bread every time.  Just like how every vending machine works, all you have to do is insert payment, push a button, and you got yourself some hot piece of bread. Now, let us all pray there will be a Nutella vending machine right next to it.

Carbs is life.




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