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Cake-Stuffed Kit Kat Exists And We’re Dying To Get One

The old favorite has gone into an awesome revamp again, albeit in a limited timeonly, yet still enough to make us swoon in delight. It’s not new for Kit Kat to try different flavors, but now it’s time for a truly delectable treat with an ingredient they’ve never used before–chocolate cake! Officially named as Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon, aka the cake-stuffed Kit Kat.


Here’s the catch: it can only be found in Tokyo. *sighhhhh*  

Japan always gets the fun, even with Pringles! But in all fairness, you’ll never find another country as dedicated to Kit Kat as Japan. They even have a museum for it!

“The Kit Kat Chocolatory Gateau Mignon has been created to mark the re-opening of the flagship Chocolatory store and cafe in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district,” Oona McGee reported for Rocket News 24. “The new chocolate is one of a number of treats that will be available for sale exclusively at this branch only.”

I can only imagine sinking my teeth into that chewy texture, along with the signature combination of chocolate and wafer. What a dream come true!

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