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Check Out Fast Food Size Comparisons Between US and Japan [Video]

It’s no secret that eating fast food regularly can blow up our weight and even bloat us up, yet we don’t think much of it. That quarter pounder looks fine AF and seriously we DGAF. This is probably why our country’s BMI is increasing, however, Japan’s national BMI is decreasing despite having as much fast food than the rest of the world?


Youtubers Rachel and Jun decided to see if there were any noticeable contrasts in size between various iconic fast food menu (particularly in US and Japan), and the result is an eye opener. While there were minor differences between fast food burgers and sandwiches both in calorie and price, the biggest variance was the soda size US fast food serves.  Check out video below:

A large drink in the US can fill 1 large and medium cup in Japan.

Don’t get me started ’bout that sugar content in each soda cup.


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