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Cheese Tea Has Got Everyone Lining Up To Get A Sweet Taste

We’ve had matcha tea, bubble tea, and just when you think things can’t get any better, the universe give us Cheese Tea. But, what!? and how!?

lol. same.

If you’ve never heard of Cheese tea yet, don’t beat yourself up. This trend is only starting to become popular in Asian countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, and China. It is what its name suggests–tea with a frothy layer of cream cheese on top, which looks as beautiful as this one:

This tea is blowing up in Asia, it’ll take you an hour to make an order. Uhuhh

Stores may use different techniques to create cheese tea, but the basics include a fruit or green tea poured into a plastic cup, then a thick frothy layer of cream cheese is poured on top.

Sometimes, sweet; other times salty (as it is sprinkled with sea salt). According to Star2, a certain Australian shop uses cream cheese blended with condense milk, and a few other ingredients to create the topping.

but first ,tea 🌱 . #chizudrink #miniplant #tea

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The biggest argument over this trend, however, is not whether or not the combination tastes good (I guess it’s a given that tea just goes well with just about anything with milk), but rather should one use a straw or not. Crazy right?

Tyson Tee, the COO of Reguistea and the mastermind behind its Malaysia location, explained to Star2 that “you are encouraged to drink without straws. When you drink this way, you can feel two layers of taste – cheese followed by tea. If you drink it with a straw, you can mostly only taste the tea.”

Dude’s got a point.


Now that that’s settled, I need my own Cheese Tea.

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