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A Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Exists And We’re Shookt

If you’re sure enough to get your heart rate pumping (literally), this Coco-Cola Coffee willingly does the job.


Aptly named Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, each can contains 50% more caffeine than the usual  in a 190 milliliters can with 42 calories. We suspect this product is created for those days when you find yourself wishing you could receive coffee through an IV.

Of course, this unusual little thing can only be found in Japan.

According to a Japanese product review, the coffee-soda beverage packs a strong punch. As for the flavor of the drink itself? The review site claimed there is a “strange scent that is neither Coke nor coffee,” and it doesn’t smell too pleasant. “It was exactly like I added coffee to Coke,” the writer wrote. “I do not think it’s delicious, but it’s not as bad as I thought.”

Not very promising, but still worth a try. I mean, we do want to give ourselves a jolt, especially Mondays. If you happen to be in JP, do bring us a can.


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