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ICYMI A Dumpling Burger Exists Now And We’re Confused

Dumpling and burger don’t exactly belong to each other. More so, both originated from different sides of the world it’s a surprise someone decided combine both. While this may not the first attempt to combine eastern and western comfort food, take this Baozza for example, it’s still pretty much a courageous leap.

Meet the Momo Burger, a dumpling-burger food fusion served at the Chinese Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

This particular hybrid was inspired Tibetan and Nepalese dumplings called momos. The momos featured on the Momo Burger are filled with chicken meatballs. Just like any burger, they are topped with cheese, spicy mayonnaise, and lettuce, and sandwiched between two fluffy buns sold at $8.95 each.

While we aren’t 100% convinced we want to eat our dumpling in between to pieces of bread, this definitely goes to our must-try food list.

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