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The Addictive Fidget Spinner Has Been Recreated As A Cookie

You know when a thing (doesn’t matter what) is taking over the world when it’s being recreated as food. Remember when almost everyone in this planet got hooked with Pokemon Go, and people are starting to make food (Exhibit A & Exhibit B) shaped like Pikachu, etc.?

Well, my friends, this fidget spinner craze has definitely become legit as it is being recreated as a cookie, and the most insane thing about it is–it spins too!

Clearly Cookies, a Dallas based custom cookie company, has created a cookie fidget spinner. “The idea for the fidget spinner cookie came from the guy I am dating. He has been asking me to make one for a couple weeks now. I honestly had no idea what they were until I saw him playing with one the other week. Needless to say they are mildly addicting,” said Jessica Grose, the woman behind Clearly Cookies in an interview with Mashable.

Uhm… Yuh, mildly addicting is the understatement of the year.

The cookies come in two different versions, spinning and non-spinning. Spinning cookies start at $6, non-spinning at $4.50, and all cookies can be customized, based on your fidget spinner cookie dreams. While Grose is based in Texas, her cookies can be shipped nationwide.

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