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Take A Look At The Biggest Ice Cream Sandwich You’ve Ever Seen

How big are you with ice cream sandwiches?

Here’s a gif to remind you how awesome it is.

If you love ice cream and cookies, I bet you’re pretty BIG on it–heavenly combination of two of the most classic desserts on Earth.ย Over the years, however, Ice cream sandwiches has evolved and looks crazier than its first release. Case in point, check out the biggest “Ice Cream Sandwich” you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

No, you’re not dreaming.

A self-described “sugar addict” and finalist of Australian reality TV baking show,ย Zumbo’s Just Desserts,ย By Brogen, made this enormous ice cream sandwich and shared the process on her Instagram. Created with layers of real giant chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate mud cakes, strawberry sponge cakes covered in strawberry Ice Cream, and topped off with a ‘scoop’ of strawberry + Vanilla sponge, vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate fudge and sprinkles–it sure is enough to put anyone into a real food coma.

This is all I ever want in life.

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