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The Goth Trend Continues With Black Latte

We recently featured the latest interenet favorite, which is the black ice cream, and it seems this gothic trend isn’t dying out yet. Here we are with another jet black creation–the black latte.

Just like the ice cream, the latte is made with activated charcoal to get than bad ass color.

While having activated charcoal in your food sounds weird, it is actually a lot healthier than it sounds. The charcoal is considered “activated” due to its negative charge, which means it supposedly has the capacity to bind positively charged ions (such as chemicals) together, removing them from the body. This property has prompted charcoal to be touted as the latest detox ingredient. Cool, huh?

Talk about taking your black coffee to the next level!

They’ve so far appeared in cafes in the UK and Australia, but I’m pretty sure our local coffee shops will pick up the fad in no time.



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