20 Ways Hipster Restaurants Took It Too Far

There has been a surge of hippie restaurants since last year, and it has been a topic of one too many debates. Who needs a deconstructed spaghetti and coffee, really? Even Mcdonald’s threw major shade on this  too.

Love it or hate it, the complete audacity of it continues to pique people’s interest. But sometimes, these hippie restos just really take it way too far. Here are photos to back such claim.

1. To start off, a quiet afternoon tea party served in a book case.

2. Uhm, what?

3. Sensational Scoth Egg, served atop a trophy

4. How is that glass even holding up?

5. That time you ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice, so they let you squeeze it yourself. lol

6. They ran out of plates

6. All that for a sliced strawberry

7. I want my burger simple, thanks.

8. Imagine Gordon Ramsay walking in to this.

9. Coffee deserves more respect, people!

10. The food’s in there somewhere.

11. A moment of silence for these minis served on a barbed wire.

12. Again, the food should be in there somewhere.

13. No words.

14. They’re making a point about what?

15. How do you even begin to eat this?

16. A dog bowl. How creative.

17. This caged drink.

18. When your desserts are having a picnic on their own.

19. What is it?

20. How is this even appetizing?

There is a thin line between being hipster and a complete disaster.







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