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Newly Opened Ramen Restaurant In Taipei Had a Line for Over 250 Hours Straight

Popular Japanese restaurant Ichiran recently opened a branch at Taipei, and what happened next was crazzy.

Located in the Xinyi neighborhood, the Taipei branch is Ichiran’s first in Taiwan. Seats were immediately filled up as soon as the resto opened its doors on June 15th; ten days and 250 hours after the grand opening, there were still about 70 people waiting for a seat. Indeed,  the 24-hour ramen chain had a line outside their door for straight 250 hours,and counting!

Ridiculous lines are nothing new for the famous Japanese ramen chain, but this was another record (their old Hongkong branch holds a record of only 196 hours). Ichiran is known for its unique seating system, wherein customers sit in individual booths with tall side walls and serves their good through a reed bling–the philosophy is that removing the distractions of interpersonal interactions allows customers to bring their focus on the flavor of their food. Ichiran allows you to customize your ramen exactly how you like it as well.

Can’t blame them really, especially when a ramen looks as good as that.

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