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This Barista’s Gorgeous Latte Art Is Breaking The Internet

We’ve seen our share of latte art from 3D foam animals, rainbow coffee, to every Leonardo Di Caprio’s Oscar-nominated roles ever since this fad began.  Fast forward to now, coffee art is at its peak; there are far more style and techniques our beloved baristas have discovered that we are lucky enough to experience.

Case in point, these coffee art all the way from South Korea has been making rounds in the Internet, and for a very good reason: It’s breathtakingly gorgeous!

These gems were made by Lee Kangbing in a technique in which he calls ‘Cremart.’ His designs are far more on point, colorful, and bad ass really.

Every cup is so gorgeous it’s easy to forget that it’s actually just coffee, and you’ll have to  ruin the art and drink it at some point.

And if you’re a Disney buff, his Disney latte art will make you want to fly to South Korea ASAP.

How can some people have so much talent? LOL

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