This 7 y.o. Managed To Turn Her Lemonade Stand Into A Legit Food Truck

If you need some more reason why this next generation’s cooler than us, how ’bout this cute little girl who turned her summer-staple lemonade stand into a legit business.

Every summer, 7-year-old Kyleigh McGee from Arkansas sets up a simple lemonade stand in her grandparents backyard, when the business took off, she decided to give it an upgrade. Now, she’s running a food truck with the help of her mother, called – what else? – Kyleigh’s Lemonade Stand.

In an interview with ABC News, the witty little business woman said: “We had a lemonade stand in my grandparents’ backyard and we started to make a lot of money with it. So I thought why don’t we have a lemonade stand to bring to events?”

And that she did.

Though Kyleigh is just in the second grade, she says her favorite part about everything is “being the boss and serving people food.”

Kyleigh’s mom couldn’t be more supportive, “She had so much fun with it and she had a chance to kind of get an idea of how it is to be an entrepreneur. We purchased what used to be a snow cone stand, and we converted it into a lemonade stand,” Williams said.

The lemonade stand, which was only meant to be Kyleigh’s summer project, has been booked to serve treats at events all the way into December. Looks like it’s going to be a busy year for Kyleigh!

Awesome, huh?

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