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These Adorable 3D Foam Animals Floating On Coffee Is What We All Need Right Now

If you love snapping photos of beautiful latte art, we know something that may want you to jump on the next flight to Hong Kong—a 3D foam latte art, which can only be found in Leo’s Espresso in Hong Kong. The café specializes in creating super adorable and colorful animals made from latte foam. The foam gives a 3D effect on the animals, and boy wouldn’t you want to just stare at it the whole day!

The 3D foam figures come in different color complete with tiny details on their body to add character, and it’s totally impressive. Order a coffee there, and you could get a pig peeking out of your cup or two cats taking a bath in your drink. You may also find characters you love like Pooh, Hello Kitty or the aliens from Toy Story. Leo’s Espresso definitely knows how to take “happiness in a cup” to the next level.

3D Cappuccino 🤗

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Characters also look like it jiggles when you shake your cup, which makes the whole experience cuter as ever.

🐘 3D cappuccino ☕️

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Seriously, these foam animals make the spirals on your latte from the cafe around the corner look just plain boring now.

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