Brighten Up Your Weekend with Oreo Grilled Cheese

We rarely post a sandwich recipe here, but when we do, we make sure it’s Oreo grilled cheese sandwich.


For the homemade Oreo cookie butter:

  1. 30 Double Stuf Oreos
  2. 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream

For the sandwich:

  1. 2 slices white bread
  2. 1 tablespoon butter, room temperature
  3. 2 tablespoons mascarpone cheese
  4. 4 tablespoons Oreo cookie butter
  5. 2 Oreo cookies, crushed
  6. 4 tablespoons marshmallow fluff


Step 1

To make the homemade cookie butter: Add cookies into a food processor and pulse until combined. Add cream and process for about 3 minutes until nice and smooth. Store in the refrigerator.

Step 2

Heat up a skillet or griddle to medium heat. Butter one side of both slices of bread. On the other side of one slice of bread, spread a layer of mascarpone cheese followed by a layer of Oreo Cookie Butter. Sprinkle crushed Oreos on top. On the other slice of bread, spread a layer of marshmallow fluff. Carefully sandwich the two slices together so the chocolate and marshmallow fluff meet in the middle.

Step 3

Place the sandwich on the heated skillet and cook until the bread is toasted and golden brown, about 2 minutes. Flip the sandwich and grill for an additional 2 minutes. Remove, cut and enjoy!


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