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People Are Freaking Out Over Chicken Sashimi Food Trend

Majority of hoomans enjoy eating raw fish *insert best sashimi photo here* but it’s a different conversation when talking about chicken sashimi, or chicken tartare.

First, raw chicken may cause food poisoning from bacteria like campylobacter and salmonella, which makes it even surprising that people are actually still debating about this. But in all fairness with chicken sashimi, this is a traditional menu from Japan.  Chicken sashimi is often prepared by boiling or searing the chicken meat in 10 secs tops. This is obviously not enough amount of time to kill bacteria that may have contaminated raw poultry–with campylobacter (mainly found in chicken intestines) responsible for 60% of all bacterial food poisoning in Japan, according to national newspaper Asahi Shimbum.

Hence, when Food Network chef Marc Murphy declared on Twitter about his love for chicken sashimi and Food & Wine chimed in…

Twitter lost its sh*t, which bring us these glorious memes:

If you’re curios how Gordon Ramsay would react, it could go something like this:


What do you think of chicken sashimi?

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