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This Swineapple Summer Trend Is Way Too Hot To Handle

Food trends come and go. Some trends, however, are meant to stay forever in our hearts, and this includes swineapple. To be honest, swine isn’t really a good word to use when talking about delish cuisines, but the moment we saw the photos, man are we converted.

Swineapple actually is a hollowed out pineapple, stuffed with pork (ribs or loins), wrapped in bacon. It’s basically perfect! Most recipes require a grill to smoke the pineapple low and slow. Operative term: low and slow.  It’ll take a few hours for the stuffed meat to cook through, and the bacon to get crispy. Now, if grilling is not your thing, you can always roast it in a 300°F-oven.

#Swineapple was a success. Not as good as tri tip or ribs, but still tasty. #traeger #traegernation #bacon

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While this trend comes as new to us, it has over 50,000 how-to pins saved from Pinterest, and are searched more than 230% from last summer. If you’re looking for a recipe that will definitely wow your family and friends, you’ve found the right choice.

Unless they hate pineapples. or a vegan.


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