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Looks Like Magical Frappuccinos From Starbucks Has Lived On

Now that the Unicorn Frappuccino is out of the picture, some Starbucks baristas have created their own spin-offs: Dragon Frappuccino, Pink Pegasus Frappuccino, and Mermaid Frappuccino.

Missed out on 🦄, but got a taste of 🐲Frappuccino! #mysticalcreatures #dragonfrappuccino #starbucks

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Seriously though, Starbucks owe it to their baristas for saving their rep.

Rumor has it, these are 100x better than the Unicorn frap, which was pulled out only after a week from release. Only problem is, not all barista has heard of these. And yes, getting “off-menu” drinks annoys baristas big time. Oookay, maybe only a little bit. Just as long as you know the recipe, and as long as they have it  then blending one won’t be a problem.

From the looks of it, these drinks are more “store-exclusive” or at least it started that way. I’m pretty sure a little research will take you a long way.


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