This Video Of Darth Vader Dubbed As Gordon Ramsay Is What You Need To See Today

The Internet is a very weird place, but sometimes a little digging can also give you gold, a fine example would be this video of  Darth Vader dubbed as Gordon Ramsay.As we all know, Ramsay is famous for being a villain when it comes to cooking, so it’s only a matter of time someone would create this and man does he fit perfectly! Especially in Star Wars scenes where Vader is wreaking havoc.

Youtuber, Mr. Wood From the Hood, did and awesome job of taking various Ramsay kitchen meltdowns then dubbed it over Darth Vader’s scenes. Some people got too much time on their hands, but I ain’t complaining.

The video’s pretty hilarious, especially when you’re stuck in traffic or you 9-5 job. It’ll also make you wish Ramsay actually played Vader. kidding. Check out vid below:


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