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Twenty Ways To Ruin A Good Burger [Infographic]

Burger is inarguably one of the best culinary inventions of man. Come to think of it, 1 burger got everything you need to get by in life: carbs, veggies, mayo, melted cheese, and some juicy & tender beef patty.


Judging from that photo, there’s nothing wrong with a classic burger. But alas, it’s human nature to find, create, & try something no matter how ridiculous. For example, since when does a hamburger ice cream seems to be a good idea? How about a canned cheeseburger?

As Foodrepublic celebrates burger week, they rounded up 20 burgers from around the world that disrupts the classic burger. Take a look at the ways people around the world have used the burger as a palette for bizarre ingredient expression.

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