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Vegan Dessert Never Looked This Good, Seriously

I’ve had my reservations when it comes to anything vegan substitute, but all that has completely changed ever since I saw this Instagram star’s feed.

It’s absolutely delicious, colorful, and well, surprisingly all vegan. (joke’s on me haha)

What’s even more surprising is that this account is owned by 16 y.o, who goes by the name Β Yes, you read that right–sixteen. And, yes, Gen Z is definitely cooler than millenials.

Although, the food featured aren’t personally created by him, you have to agree those shots are pretty much incredible. With over 503k followers and counting, this kid is definitely going somewhere.Jose tries out a variety of trendy dishes from smoothie bowls, popsicles, to raw cheesecakes all looking very cute and appealing making each shot more satisfying and mouthwatering than the last. No wonder it’s getting all the hearts on IG.

The most appealing part of Jose’s culinary adventure, however, is the sheer amount of life and color he manages to pack into each one.

Turns out, being vegan isn’t too bad after all.


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