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Here’s Why Men Need to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

We are often times averse to eating greens just because it helps us lose weight. But what if I tell you, eating vegetables actually makes you more attractive to the opposite sex?

A recent study performed by the Macquarie University in Australia revealed that men who have more fruit and veggies on their diet produce more attractive pheromones; women are more attracted to the scents of a man who eats a fruit- and veggie-heavy diet as opposed to someone who goes ham on bread and pasta.

When people eat more veggies, their skin takes on the hues of carotenoids (plant pigments that are responsible for bright red, yellow, and orange foods). This can be assessed through the use of a spectrophotometer, an instrument that flashes light onto the skin and measures the color reflected back.

During the study, researchers rounded up a group of healthy-looking men, scanned their skin with a spectrophotometer, handed out a questionnaire about their diets, and made them exercise in a clean t-shirt. After which, their shirts were finally sent to women for the ultimate sniff test.

Yes, for real. lol

Results show that the better-smelling men ate more vegetables. Yep, science has spoken, so you better eat more kale and guacamole like a true millennial.

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