We ask some basic questions to a collection of restaurants.
What is best for your customer? What is the best for your restaurants?
And this is what we came up with!

List your FOOD


We won't charge you a dollar, not even a cent to be on our application. Even more, we will push your restaurant to our continually growing customer base.


With our geographical targeting, we will let customers in your area know about your restaurant, type of Food and most important pictures of your amazing food.


That's .right. Our targeting is focused on customers which eat out regularly and are dedicated to food. Customers need to be a paying member just to get access to the discount.


Ask the big question. How many customers are finding us? How much are they spending? And how much revenue are we making? Simple and straight forward.

How it works

The user just goes to the Apple App Store and Google Play and can download the application for free. They can view restaurants in their area, view the details, see the pictures of the food that your restaurant have has to offer.
Once they are ready, they simply sign up as a member. Where they will need to pay a monthly membership fee. Which will give them access to getting the 10% off your restaurants.
They come to eat are your restaurant, and when they are ready to get the discount. They load up the food eagle application, and hit the verify button for your restaurant. Either on your mobile phone or computer you will get a notification. With the persons face, membership details. After this, just simple enter in the bill and hit confirm.
Done, that's it. Now you have a new or repeat customer, as well as all the analytics about who eat at your restaurant as well as the revenue generated from the application


Every day we are expanding our scope with new restaurants signing up, new customers.Check out some of our main areas.

  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • New York
  • California